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Buenavista, Agusan del Norte, Philippines

Buenavista is a 1st class municipality in the province of Agusan del Norte, Philippines. According to the 2000 census it has a population of 50,612 people and 9,384 households.

Buenavista is located in Northeastern part of the Mindanao island. It lies 9 degrees 55 minutes north latitude and 125 degrees 25 minutes east longitude of the Northern part of Agusan del Norte. It is bounded on the North by Butuan Bay, on the West is Nasipit and Misamis Oriental, on the South by Las Nieves and on the east by the City of Butuan. It is 16 kilometers away from Butuan City the capital city of Agusan del Norte Caraga Region (XIII). It is more or less 30 minutes drive from the City of Butuan. Buenavista is very accessible to all direction because it is connected by a National Highway which traverses Mindanao. From Surigao City in the Northeast and Davao City in the South and Cagayan de Oro City Westward. Buenavista is only 10 kilometers from Bancasi Airport and 8 kilometers Westward to the International port of Nasipit.

Buenavista has a total land area of 54, 690 hectares of plain and rolling lands. The southern is hilly while the northern portion is flat. Out of this area are 9,000 hectares utilized for agriculture. The population and most of the rural barangays are located in the plain. It has the longest road networks in the province which is about 21.7% of the total.

As a part of the agricultural province of Agusan del Norte, the major livelihood of the people is farming and fishing. Buenavista is a major producer of rice, coconut, corn, mango, bananas, vegetables and  different kind of seafoods. The town is located outside the typhoon belt and has no definite dry season. Rainfall is pronounced throughout the year, occuring heavily from the month of November to January. Buenavista has several varieties of dialects such as Pilipino, English, Spanish, Manobo, Maranao, Butuanon and Cebuano (Bisaya).

The terrain of Buenavista has two distinct features. The coastal is plain and the Southern part is mountainous. However, The mountainous are not so steep as to tender useless on any agricultural development. There are plateaus in these areas that agricultural in any form of farming is profitable. Buenavista has ample rivers, streams and creeks which are good sources of water supply. In the upper hinterlands are found springs good for drinking water and household use. In the coastal areas are found rolling hills that formed natural boundaries for rice farm and they add scenic features of the land as a whole.

Buenavista's rivers are abundant with sand, gravel and rocks for construction materials. Some parts of the shoreline are being quarried from the fine sand for concrete finishing in the building construction. In the upper stretches of Guihao-an river located Guinabsan and Lomboyan are good source of boulders and rocks that are used as earth foundation in building ports, seawalls, and dikes construction.

Mount Mayapay is occupying part of Butuan and Buenavista, Agusan del Norte, Philippines. This is a  majestic mountain plateau. It rises to 2,214 feet (675 m) above sea level. 

Mount Mayapay got its name from the ancient Madjapahit Empire. The history behind the Sri-Vishaya period bears much meaning and influence of Butuan's pre-historic and archaeological discoveries

This mountain is closely associated with the Higa-onon tribe. It is the most accessible climbing destination from Butuan City. It is negotiable in a day and is a perfect fun climb destination.

Puting Bato is a rocky mountain and breath-taking place if you will visit at Puting Bato, Sitio Linao-Linao, Barangay Sangay, Buenavista Agusan del Norte, Philippines. It is located 2 kilometers from Buenavista-Bunaguit road.

As you go along trekking towards Linao-Linao you will enjoy the promising coolness of the spring at the foot of Puting Bato.

You will surely treasure bathing at Mayong Spring with its refreshing natural mineral water that continuously flow.

Kibugas and Panagasian Falls are situated in Sitio Lomboyan, a part of Barangay Guinabsan, Buenavista Agusan del Norte, Philippines. 

Though smaller compared to other waterfalls, its coolness and surroundings that are captivating due to the presence of boulders around it and the refreshing natural mineral water that quenches thirst.
Kibugas Spring of Sitio Lumboyan, Brgy. Guinabsan Buenavista Agusan del Norte, Philippines

Panagasian Falls of Sitio Lumboyan, Brgy. Guinabsan Buenavista Agusan del Norte, Philippines
Mimbakukang Falls is located at Brgy. Sangay Buenavista Agusan del Norte, Philippines. The distance of this is more or less 1.8 kilometers from Sangay proper. 

The presence of wild flora and fauna adds beauty and charm to the place.

Tacub Falls is located at Brgy. Rizal Buenavista Agusan del Norte, Philippines. It is one of the potential tourist destinations are Tacub falls and caves of Rizal and Macalang. This is a series of falls that runs from the sitios of Barangay Rizal leading to the 3rd falls that fall on the area of Barangay Macalang.

You can reach the place through a "motorsikad".

The distance of the ride is about 9 kilometers from the Poblacion Buenavista while 1st and 2nd Tacub Falls found in Rizal are 1 kilometers away.

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